CH Korona Kielce

A representative promenade leads from IX Century’s avenue to extraordinary shopping centre in Kielce city centre.

Extensive but at the same time light building attracts the eye from far distance already. It’s perforated panel elevation wrapping the building giving its gentle appearance.  Effective, multi-color illumination of the building may be admired after sun set. 

The shopping centre consists of about 170 retail spaces, fitness club, cafes and restaurant with panoramic view over downtown. Unusual ramps hidden behind perforated elevation are leading to 3-storys parking capable to  accommodate about 1.200 cars.

Bartels was responsible for concept and permit design as well as tender documentation and supervision of detail engineering provided by general contractor. The biggest challenge in this project was to combine simple and economic structural solutions with architectural vision consisting many beautiful, but difficult elements. Challenging ground conditions required special geotechnical technologies to be used.

ClientChurch Land Development
ArchitectBose International
ScopePermit design, tender design,
supervision over contractors detailed drawings