Manufaktura, Łódź

The shopping, cultural and entertainment centre Manufaktura was built on the place and ruins of former biggest in Europe, historic, XIX century textile factory of Izrael Poznańskie in Łódź. This investment established on 27 ha area and having more then 180.000m2 space is one of the biggest revitalization projects of historic buildings in Europe.


Bartels hes provided engineering services for construction drawings and steel shop documentation of this complicated cinema complex with I-MAX. High degree of difficulty structural design was caused by complex and changing architectural plans, challenging ground conditions, short time-schedule, cooperation with many involved parties and existing, historic structure, which had to be kept.

The commission covered also construction drawings of mixed concrete structure of two other historic parts: Bowling Center and Entertainment Center. The steel structure of stairs, located by climbing wall, designed by interior architect from bent steel profiles, without any finishing and left with its raw shape, left to rust was the icing on the cake.

ArchitectSUD Architectes
General contractorBudimex Dromex
ScopeConstruction drawings